The town hall decides...
 The company issues a report...
 The kitchen cooks... ???
 Hold on a second! To be more accurate:
 The mayor decides,
 the director issues a report,
 the chef cooks !!!   
 Mistakes often lie in the details.
At Stargast, we understand that little things make all the difference.
That’s why we pay careful attention to every last detail.
We are engaged, critical, subjective, unwavering, highly individual and entirely independent.
We write with tact, sensitivity and verve. The texts we produce are always right on target
Our strengths lie in traditional journalism and effective public relations.
We write for newspapers and journals as well as in-house and customer magazines.
We also write scripts for corporate videos.
We produce search engine optimized texts for websites.
Whatever the topic, our confident style gets straight to the point.


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Our head office is in Palma on the island of Majorca, but we work all over the world, wherever our clients need
us. We love sunny days that lift our spirits and make our work even more enjoyable. That’s why we moved our headquarters to Majorca, though we still have offices in Offenburg, Frankfurt and Salzburg. The fact is that a
flight from Germany to Palma takes two hours at most, while the train from Frankfurt to Hamburg takes twice as long. So we’re closer than you think!